for IC-LYMS 2013 (Dec 22 -26 2013)

1. Electronics and Optoelectronics based on two-dimensional GaSe /GaS (P.A. HU)
2. Synthesis & Assembly of Chemically Modified Graphitic Carbons (S.O. KIM)
3. New Things in Old Places: Liquid Crystals and Nanotechnology (H.T. JUNG)
4. Doping effect of silole derivative for color-selective organic photoconductive device (Takeshi Fukuda)
5. Facile Synthesis of Silica-shell Magnetic beads (X. LI)
6. Metal-ion doped luminescent materials and devices: from nanoscale to thin-films (J.H. HAO)
7. Heterostructure ZnO nanowire arrays for biomimetic and solar energy harvesting applications (K.J. YONG)
8. Ultrabroad infrared luminescent Bi doped glasses and crystals (M.Y. PENG)
9. Defect-Induced Effect in Two-Dimensional h-BN Monolayer Based Materials (X.J. WU)
10. Fabrication of Al-coated Mg Alloy sheets and Their Chemical and Mechanical Properties (Kiyotaka Matsuura)
11. Ultra-low frequency Raman modes in two-dimensional layered materials (P.H. TAN)
12. Factors determining macroscopic centricities in a series of new mixed metal oxides materials (K.M. OK)
13. Reliability assessment on interfacial Failure of thermal barrier coatings by JC Method (L. YANG)
14. Oxide particle refinement mechanism of Ni-base ODS alloy (Naoko OONO)
15. Thermal Transport Phenomena and Limitations of Multiphase Media Containing Carbon Nanotubes from Off-Lattice Monte Carlos Method (H.M. DUONG)
16. First-principles based theoretical study of electron dynamics in functional composite materials (J. JIANG)
17a. Imide-Functionalized Polymer Semiconductors for High-Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors and Solar Cells (X.G. GUO)
17b. Microwave-assisted separation and enrichemnt of single-walled carbon nanotubes (H.X. QIU)
18a. Selenizatoin pathways during the rapid formation of thin-film Cu(InGa)Se2 photovoltaic absorbers (W.K. KIM)
18b. Organ-targeted high-throughput in vivo biologics screen identifies vehicles for RNA delivery (P. SHI)
19a. Preparation and Application of Carbon Materials from Heavy Oil (M.B. WU))
19b. Synthesis, characterization of ZnTiO3 with high photocatalytic activity (Z.J. WU)
20a. A Unique Platinum-Graphene Hybrid Structure for High Activity and Durability in Oxygen Reduction Reaction (C.M. WANG)
21. Optical Probe of 2D Materials (T. YU)
22. Combining Electron Microscopy and First-principles Calculations (R. YU)
23. Silicon nanowire and graphene-based FET biosensor for DNA detection (G.J. ZHANG)
24. "Smart" nanomaterials for seawater desalination (X.M LU)
25. Carbonized Porous Organic Frameworks (T. BEN)
26. Hyperbranched ferrocene-containing polycarbosilanes and application in magnetoceramics (J. KONG)
27. Design of highly active nanocatalysts by understanding the growth mechanism of nanoparticles (K.Y. LEE)
28. Electrochemical devices based on hybrid nanomaterials (X. WANG)
29. Nanostructure Synthesized via Flame Spray Pyrolysis (Y.J. HU)
30. Recent development of hypercrosslinked microporous organic polymersanic polymers (B.E. TAN)
31. Three-dimensional molecular architectures by the controlled self-assembly of beta-peptide foldamers (S.B. KWON)
32. Low-voltage Organic Complementary Inverters (H. YAN)
33. Advanced Materials Micro/Nano-technology for Drug Delivery (X.F. CHEN)
34. Self-assembled heterostructures in Complex oxide thin films (Q. ZHAN)
35. Construction of oxides-based electrode materials for energy storage applications (H. JIANG)
36. Surface and Interface Modulation for Tuning Catalytic Performance of Inorganic Nanocrystals (Y.J. XIONG)
37. Transport Properties of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface and Application in Sensing Devices (J.Y. DAI)
38. Facile and faithful replication of natural fibers with metal oxide (Z.W. LIU)
39. Functional nanomaterials enabled by convenient electrochemical methods (Y.Y. LI)
40. Microstructure evolution of EB-PVD yttria stabilized zirconia Thermal Barrier Coatings with CMAS deposits (C.Y. CAI)

As an interdisciplinary materials science conference, IC-LYMS 2013 currently has registered participants from Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore attending and giving presentations at IC-LYMS 2013. The total number of presentation is expected to be around 50, covering a wide range of topic shown below.

1. Structure materials (metals, ceramics, and composites)
2. Functional materials and devices
3. Materials for energy (saving, conversion, storage) and environment
4. Electronic, photonic and magnetic materials
5. Nanomaterials and thin-films
6. Polymer science and chemistry
7. Organic materials and bio-materials
8. NDE and materials characterization
9. Modeling & Computational materials science
10. Other materials and systems

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