Organizers and Partners

Sources of Support


Prof. Yujie Xiong (University of Science and Technology of China)

Associate Prof. Lee Pooi See (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Prof. Sang Ouk Kim (Korea Advanced Institute Science & Technology)

Dr. Hee-Seung Lee (Korea Advanced Institute Science & Technology)

Prof. Mingbo Wu (China University of Petroleum)

Associate Prof. Jing Wang (Sun Yat-Sen University)

Dr. Yu Ting (National University of Singapore)

Associate Prof. Xugang Guo (South University of Science and Technology of China)

Associate Prof. Zhen-Jun Wu (Hunan University)

Dr. Jianhua Hao (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Dr. Yung-Mau Nie (National Chi Nan University)

Dr. Takeshi Fukuda (Saitama University)

Dr. Xianfeng Chen (City University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Xianmao Lu (National University of Singapore)

Prof. Bien Tan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Prof. Ruizhi Wu (Harbin Engineering University)

Prof. Pingan Hu (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Associate Prof. Hanxun Qiu (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)

Adjunct Associate Prof. Xu Li (National University of Singapore)

Ms. Hu (APSMR)

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