The program for this conference is available via the following link.
Conference Program (Updated Nov 28 2012)

Some of the Presentations for IC-LYMS 2012 (Dec 16 -20 2012)


12/17 (Mon)
1. Photoregeneration of hydrogen and NADH by Metal Complexes and Metal
Nanoparticles (Jinheung KIM)
2. Quasi-One-Dimensional Superconductivity in Ultra-Thin Carbon Nanotube and
Nanowire Arrays (Rolf LORTZ)
3. Graphene-based nanocomposite for clean energy (Xinlu LI)
4. Graphene, an emerging material candidate for nonlinear optical devices (Wei JI)
5. Density control of Zinc Oxide Nanorod Arrays for high performance Quantum
Dot Sensitized Solar Cells (Juan Antonio ZAPIEN)
6. Tuning of pore, microstructure and properties in porous shape memory alloys
(Bin YUAN)
7. Structural control mechanism in Rh-catalyzed synthesis of pi-conjugated
polymer in the nano cavity of apo-Ferritin (Zhuofeng KE)
8. Thermoelectric nanostructured materials and their ZT enhancement (Sung-Jin
9. Interfacial Phenomena at the Micro/Nano Scales and Applications in Energy and
Life Sciences (Zuankai WANG)
10. Study of Core-Shell LiFePO4/C Interface (Wenlou WANG)
11. Molecular self-assembly and bio-inspired nanofabrication based on
microstructure and adhesive effect of climbing plant (Wenli DENG)
12. Applications of Materials Characterization Techniques in diseases' diagnosis
(Bin TANG)
13. Solution processable n-type acene based materials for organic field effect
transistors (Chunyan CHI)
14. Protein-nanoparticle Hybrid Materials (Jiang XIA)
15. Strategies for improving ductility of nanostructured materials (Yonghao ZHAO)
16. Homogeneous melting and solid-solid transition in colloidal crystals ( Yilong
17. The nano-scale I-phase in Mg-Zn-Er alloys produced by RPW and heat
treatment (Ke LIU)
18. Ti3SiC2 Based Composites Fabricated by Liquid Silicon Infiltration (Xiaowei YIN)
19. Inhomogeneous Deformation and Failure in Friction-Stir-Processed or -Welded
Magnesium Alloys (Renlong XIN)
20. Application of ultrasonic treatment on magnesium alloys and its composites
(Zhaohui WANG)
21. Study of surface plasmon polaritons from periodic metallic arrays by coupled
mode theory (HockChun ONG)
12/18 (Tue)
1. Interface Effects in Molecular Devices: From Concept to Functions ( Xuefeng
2. Modulating memory effects through design of eletrode/polymer interface (Fei
3. Syntheses and properties of metal-organic gels (Jianyong ZHANG)
4. Alumina Nanohoneycombs with Controlled Spatial Ordering of Pore Channels
(Alfonso H.W. NGAN)
5. Instrumented indentation: beyond measuring elastic properties (Chunyu ZHANG)
6. 2D materials studied by Raman scattering (Ting YU)
7. The structure characterization and properties of graphene-based rubber
nanocomposites (Li LIU)
1. Anodic Titania Nanotube Membranes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (Haitao
2. Preparation of delafossite nanopowder and its novel applications (Te-Wei CHIU)
3. Thermal Annealing Induced Enhancements of Electrical Conductivities and
Mechanism for Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Filled Poly(Ethylene-co-Hexene)
Composites (Zhigang WANG)
4. Graphene synthesis and functionalization for sensors (Zhengtang LUO)
5. CNT/CF Hierarchical Composites (Yibin LI)
6. High anisotropy FePt films for next generation magnetic recording (Jingsheng
7. Controlling of energy band gap by site-selective doping and photocatalytic
performance (Xiaojing WANG)
8. Current status and future prospects of kesterite CZTS thin film solar cells
(Yanqing LAI)
9. Novel Carbon Materials for Superior Energy Storage (Yanwu ZHU)
10. Photo-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species and the Applications (Yong-Rok KIM)
11. Using Structural Coatings to Reinforce Foams and Microtruss Cellular Materials
12. Biomedical application of NiTi and Ni-free shape memory alloy (Chiyuen
13. Complex Functional Soft Materials with Microfluidics (Ho Cheung SHUM)
14. Thermal insulation materials by Sol-gel Chemistry (Raymond V. Rivera)
15. Phase-field study for the pre-precipitation process of Ni-Al-V alloy (Yanli LU)
12/20 (Thu)
1. Some new results in dispersion morphology and interfacial interaction of
polymer nanocomposites by experiment and molecular simulation (Liqun ZHANG)
2. Nonradiative energy transfer in K2CaP2O7:Mn2+,Eu3+ phosphor (Weiren ZHAO)
3. Interface engineering in metal and oxide interfaces (Shijie WANG)
4. Surface modification of materials with xenon excimer 172 nm VUV radiation
(Jianxiong LI)
5. Recent Progress in Ultrafine and Nanoscale Cemented Carbides (Xiaoyan SONG)
6. Microstructure and strengthening effect of heterogeneous precipitation at
dislocations in an Al-Cu-Mg alloy (Yanqing YANG)
7. TBD (Taolei SUN)

As an interdisciplinary materials science conference, IC-LYMS 2012 currently has registered participants from Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Philippine attending and giving presentations at IC-LYMS 2012. The total number of presentation is expected to be around 50, covering a wide range of topic shown below.


1. Structure materials (metals, ceramics, and composites)
2. Functional materials and devices
3. Materials for energy conversion and storage
4. Electronic and photonic materials
5. Nanomaterials and thin-films
6. Polymer science and chemistry
7. Organic materials and bio-materials
8. NDE and materials characterization
9. Computational materials science
10. Other materials and systems

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